Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meatball Sandwich

Who doesn't love meatballs and it is even better in a sandwich with cheese oozing out of it . Mmmmmmm that is one mouthwatering sight for the eyes . My kids absolutely love them and it is very easy to make too . Whenever I make spaghetti and meatballs I freeze half of the meatballs and use it for sandwiches . Here too I have used the same recipe and stuff it in a baguette and top it with cheese and pop it under the broiler till the cheese melts , so here goes ..........


1 recipe spaghetti with meatballs
baguette or hot dog rolls
provolone cheese or gouda cheese


Halve the baguette or hot dog rolls
Fill in the sauce and the meatballs
Top it with cheese
Pop it under the broiler till the cheese melts or bake in a moderate hot oven till the cheese melts.


  1. Saving half of the meatballs is genius! I usually make them for spaghetti, but usually eat the leftovers alone. I should make sandwiches with them. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I'm going to make these with the giant bag of frozen meatballs I got at Costco. Yup, I'm a horrible food blogger having admitted I buy prepared food at Costco. But some days, you just gotta eat. Like this sandwich :)