Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicken and Vegetable stir-fry

For a change I thought I will post something different today , something spicy  . This dish is very easy to prepare and requires very little time . Everything is done at a high heat , only get all the ingredients ready and the only work required is to throw it all in a pan . The aroma of the dish itself is very mouthwatering ,so here goes .............


500 gms boneless chicken cut into strips
1 tsp soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tbspns vegetable oil
250 gms french beans cut lengthwise
1 large carrot julienned
1 large capsicum julienned
250 gms button mushrooms quartered
3 spring onions chopped
3-4 garlic cloves minced
2 tbspn tomato ketchup
a dash of hot sauce
1 tbspn green chilli sauce
1 tspn soy sauce
1 maggie chicken stock cube
1 tbspn sesame oil (optional)
a bunch of coriander leaves chopped  (optional)


Marinate the chicken in 1 tspn soy sauce and salt and pepper for 15 min.
In a large pan heat 1 tbspn oil and saute the marinated chicken till done , remove the chicken from the pan .
In the same pan add the rest of the oil and then add white part of the spring onion and minced garlic and saute it for a few seconds , then add the rest of the vegetables .Take care not to over cook it , the vegetable should be crisp .
Then add in the sauces and the chicken stock cube and fry them for a few minutes.
Add in the chicken and toss it with all the vegetables .
Drizzle the sesame oil on top and garnish it with the green part of the spring onions and the coriander and serve hot .


To make this dish even more tastier you can batter fry the chicken .


  1. will definitely give this one a try

  2. i'll try this one for sure!!!!

  3. she claims, the recipes are simple and easy, it's transformed me, a non-cook, so salaam shabs! --kalyani

  4. thank you kalyani , try them out and lemme know how it turned out .