Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kerala Style Baked Fish

Whewww!!! Its been one hectic couple of weeks , with my moving and all , still settling in  almost there but I decided to take a break and post a dish I had made a while back . This is a typical dish you can find anywhere in Kerala , here the fish is coated with a subtly spiced coconut mix and then baked covered in banana leaves . The aroma is itself mouthwatering so here goes..............................


2-3 medium sized white  pomfret or red snapper
1 inch pc ginger
4-6 garlic cloves
4 green chillies
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 cup freshly grated coconut
1/2 cup shallots peeled
1/2 cup vinegar
salt to taste
4 tsp coconut oil

for the garnish

2 tsp coconut oil
2 tsp curry leaves roasted
1 tbsp coriander leaves chopped


Clean the fish and make large slits on both sides
Roast the seeds and grind it .
Grind the coconut , shallots , ginger, garlic , green chillies into a paste.
Add the roast and ground powder to it and salt to taste .
Smear the fish with this paste and set aside.
Grease the banana leaves with the coconut oil and line it in the baking dish .
Now place the fish on the banana leaves and pour vinegar all over it and cover it with the banana leaves and bake it in a preheated 180 c oven for about 20 -35 min or till done .
Now transfer the fish to a serving dish and garnish it by sprinkling the coconut oil , roasted curry leaves and coriander leaves .


  1. you got to be wielding a magic wand to settle in so fast and blog! i saw you in Elisabeth's blog and decided to peek. was thinking your post will come only after a month!

    red snapper would any day be my choice and aww that Kerala style is my style babe!

  2. So that's where you disappeared, hope you are settling in quite well in you new home. I'm a sucker for Kerala style fish preparations and this looks really heavenly! Take care and see ya soon!

    1. Yep , been really busy , gotta pop over to your blog .

  3. So glad you're getting settled! This fish dish looks so healthy and beautiful...wonderful!

  4. Shabs, I'm so glad you're all settled into your new place! Your fish is gorgeous, moist, and delicious! Love the recipe. Thanks for sharing:DDD