Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mmmmmm......Tiramisu !!!

I am so impressed by the photographs of my fellow bloggers and also want my photos to look like that so now I am in the process of learning how to take quality pics and the internet is the best place to learn . There are so many good tutorials out there .One thing I have learned is that natural light is the best light to shoot and for the past few weeks I have been running around the house like a mad woman ( my kids really think this ) with a camera around my neck to find the perfect spot in my house where natural light is best .Whenever I find a spot and set up my stuff to take a shot the light might have moved an inch left or right or there is no light at all . The only time natural light is best in my home is  at 7 in the morning , who in their right mind would cook then ( I am not that desperate ) .
Finally I found the perfect spot , Mr.Natural Light comes at that perfect spot at 2 - 2.30 in the afternoon , you can imagine my delight at it , I was so happy I called everyone and told them .
Ok , so  I found light and have the camera and now for some action ;) . I clicked away like crazy and found a few , very few ( 1 or 2) pics which I thought looked impressive by my standards so here they are.....please be kind , pretty please .....

This dessert didn't even take me half the time I took to take the photo , it's that easy and anyone can make it . This is my absolute favourite dessert , by now all of you got the hint that I am into desserts and this one ranks on top . It's easy to make , heavenly to look at and divine to eat it . It's that good , really trust me . This is an eggless, non-alcoholic version . It is very light and melts in your mouth . This is an old recipe I got from a magazine or I think from the nestle tin , have no idea coz I wrote it down a long while back . I am not boring you anymore ( for those who take the time to read this ) so here goes............


250 ml Whipping cream
1 can nestle cream
250 gms mascarapone cheese
3/4 cup caster sugar
1 cup strong black coffee cooled
24 finger biscuits
cocoa powder to dust
chocolate shavings (optional)


Whip the whipping cream till stiff and set aside
In a bowl beat the nestle cream , mascarapone cheese and sugar till well combined
Fold the whipped cream into this mix gently .
Line a loaf tin with plastic hanging out at the sides .
Dip the finger biscuits in the coffee and arrange a layer at the bottom .
Pour half of the cream mixture on top and dust the top with cocoa powder
Again repeat the same process finishing with a layer of dipped finger biscuits on top .
Leave it in the fridge to chill for about 6 hours .
Use the overhanging plastic to lift it out of the tin onto the serving platter.
Top it with chocolate shavings and slice , serve and enjoy : D .

P.S : it's 2 pm , off to take another pic ;).


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous tiramisu! And I hear you on the lighting!!! Ugh...we have WAY too many trees and I never could find the perfect spot. I ended up buying some studio lighting (another thing to learn!)and just make do. Your photos do look sharp and lovely...congrats!!!

  2. Thank you so much Lizzy :D , I know I have even made a light box out of a foam board but prefer the 2 o clock shoot .

  3. Beautiful job on the pics and the tiramisu! Lighting is so important, yet so difficult to figure out! It changes so much with the seasons, and I find I have to completely re-arrange my set-up in the winter.

  4. Looks fabulous & so easy to make. Great job on the pics :)

  5. Thank you Jill and Ambreen :D.

  6. i hate ur blog,,,it makes me wanna hog :( ,,,but seriously its AWESOME,,,i spent sum quality time gaping at ur pics,,,!!!keep up the gud work!!!

  7. Awww Thanx Kutts . When you land up here , tell me what you crave for , it will be done :) .

  8. this looks so tempting ! tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert :) happy cooking !

  9. The things we do to get our pictures right eh? :) I know, for example, Yasmin (from Red Panda Bakes) sometimes takes her food outside the house to get lighting!!! Sometimes I use my flash; it's knowing how to use it to make it look like you haven't used any flash.
    Also, don't be afraid to use software like PhotoShop or LightRoom on your laptop/PC. Do you do any post-processing?
    And yeahhh I love tiramisu :D