Monday, July 4, 2011

Pineapple Delight

Hey all you guys , summer vacation is on the way and this is gonna be my goodbye post , I am going for a long.... long....... really long vacation for almost two months , so Kerala here I come , going to enjoy the monsoons and the fresh air and I am gonna be really busy so won't be able to post quite frequently as I do now but I will popping in to see all my blogger friends delicacies .
Now back to today's post , this is something my sister used to make way back  now she is too lazy  (ooooh!!! I am gonna get into so much trouble for that ) and I just loved this dessert and had forgotten about it for a long time , so decided to refresh my memory of it . This is sort of like a cheesecake but without the cheese , it is quite creamy ,crunchy ,tangy ,sweet from the pineapples , it has all the textures and flavours for a perfect dessert so here goes..........


10 digestive biscuits
75 gms melted butter
600 ml whole  milk
2 eggs separated
300 gms cream
12 tbsp sugar
2 and 1/2 tbsp gelatin + 6 tbsp water to dissolve it
200 gms canned pineapple


Crush the digestive biscuits.
Melt the butter and add the crushed biscuits and toast it till a nice aroma comes up.
Put this mixture in a loose based tin and pop it in the fridge to cool it.
Beat the egg yolks with sugar till light and pale .
Heat the milk on low and add the beaten yolks to it , cook it on low heat till the mixture coats the back of the spoon like a custard .
Set the custard aside to cool .
Meanwhile, dissolve the gelatin and mix it in the custard stirring till the gelatin is mixed properly in the custard.
Beat the cream with 2 tbsp of sugar till soft peaks form  and fold it in the custard.
Beat the egg whites till stiff and fold it in the mixture.
Now pour the whole mixture on top of the crust .
Add chopped pieces of pineapple and also before pouring the custard , you can add the pineapple slices for garnish and then pour in the custard .
Chill to set and then enjoy .


  1. Wow, that looks fantastic and I know they taste the same. Absolutely drool worthy ;)

  2. wonderful presentation n flavors...looks superb..

    Tasty Appetite

  3. This recipe looks scrumptious. I love pineapple and I bet it plays so nicely with the creaminess.

    Have fun on your long, long vacation!

  4. How absolutely gorgeous, Shabs! It looks splendid...very lovely presentation!

  5. You are a dessert goddess or what! That's looks melting in the mouth delicious :) Have a great vacation in Kerala, Shab! I'm heading there next month, too :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful dessert! Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Enjoy your long vacation Shabs. Kerala must be a gorgeous place. At least you left us with your fabulous light, tasty summery pineapple dessert.
    Have a fabulous long vacation dear:DDD

  8. Hey Shabs, I so envy you! Gal, I can't wait to start my vacation to get away from the scorching heat in Doha and, more importantly, to enjoy the Monsoon showers there. So where exactly do you live...? I'm planning to go sometime next month :)

    Pineapple delight endayaalum try cheyyanam... esp since it's Ramadan round the corner and I'm looking for new dishes to impress my guests :)

  9. Lucky you! On vacation eh!I wish I could go too :(
    And this is one yummy dish.. :D I have to try this out.

  10. So easy to make but yet so delicious!

  11. Have fun on your vacay!!! Lucky! :)

  12. Hey Shabs! thanks for stopping by.. I'm so happy you found me via Elisabeth's blog. The dessert loos refreshing and creamy.. yumm!! Cheers, Jo